Lizzy Hardingham and Culverake at 14 June Popup Pub

Powerhouse folk performer Lizzy Hardingham and her trio Culverake (Matt Quinn & Seb Stone) will provide some very special entertainment at the next Save Our White Horse Popup Pub event on 14 June at The Dacre Rooms, starting at 6.30pm.

Lizzy has been winning accolades around the world for her stirring performances, so we’re understandably delighted to be bringing her to the Dacre Rooms to feature in our forthcoming Popup Pub event – happening in just under a fortnight.

Culverake (Seb Stone, Matt Quinn and Lizzy Hardingham) are known for their gusto and delightful harmonies, breathing new life into timeless melodies. Seb is a rising star in the folk world, with roots in both English and Irish music. Matt is known for his work with the Dovetail Trio and his duo with George Sansome.

In line with the folk theme – a fitting choice with Kimpton Folk Festival on the horizon – we’re also very pleased to present Kimpton-based duo Lory Laskey and Jenny Burkitt – a vocal duo well known for their sensitive songs and sublime harmonies.

Local beer supplier Buntingford Brewery will also take centre stage on the 14th. This brewery is situated in the rolling hills of Greys Farm in North Hertfordshire, drawing its water from a well bored over 150 feet into the hills, with malt sourced from across East Anglia. Click to visit the Buntingford Brewery and inspect details of all their beers.

There will of course, be the usual selection of fine wine, pizza and other refreshments.

You’ll also find out what progress the campaign has been making (significant), so do come along on the 14th, join in the fun and help support the campaign to save your White Horse.


A couple of Lizzy Hardingham’s recent videos: